Value Chain

Value Chain is a systematic method indeed examining the competitiveness superiority development. Within this character, the model is being used as an efficient analysing tool to determine the operations effective on gaining competitiveness superiority and defining the main authority fields of an institute.

It is not possible to understand competitiveness superiority just by seeing one institution. It is due to an institute’s different operations like design, production, marketing, deliverance and product supply services.

In order to comprehend the gained competitiveness superiority operations better, first, one should start with the general scope of the value chain analysis and then to determine the genuine compatible operations for that institution. An organization’s (institution’s) superiority is a consequence of handling the operations better than the other competitors in the value chain.

Value Chain Analysis: It is the detailed set of activities starts from the raw material (mostly idea and design phase) and ends with the ultimate deliverance day to the customers of distributors (including recycling). Value Chain Analysis is a method to understand the effects of cost and value analysis of the institution by segregating these operations.


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