Clean Energy

Clean energy can be defined as that energy that is derived from renewable and zero-emission sources as clean energy denotes the array of fuel options obtained from mostly renewable, low emissions sources such as bioenergy, solar energy, geothermal energy, hydropower, ocean energy, and wind energy with minimal impact on the environment or environmentally friendly.
Countries accelerate the transition to an affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy system by investing in renewable energy resources, prioritizing energy-efficient practices, and adopting clean energy technologies and infrastructure to a pathway for climate change mitigation.
While clean energy can be defined as energy obtained from sources that do not pollute the air, do not cause greenhouse gas emissions, or cause any harm to nature, green energy is the energy obtained from natural sources. On the other hand, renewable energy can be defined as energy produced from continuously renewable and inexhaustible sources.

Clean Energy: Key to a Sustainable Future, Sudeepa Kumari