About BEST For Wind 

The climate change is one of the most important risks, which threaten our world. As part of our fight against climate change, it is turning out a necessity for us to realize a clean energy transformation in all over the world. The Wind Power is considered as one of the most important means in the world's clean energy transformation.
While the Wind Energy is reconfiguring the world's clean energy agenda, we come together at BEST For Wind, Turkey's first Wind Energy Ideathon, to follow the recent updates in this field together, to share knowledge and experience, and to produce innovative ideas for our country. We are waiting for our participants who intend to share their knowledge and experience about the latest trends in wind energy or gain new information on Offshore Wind Energy, Power Regeneration and Recycling, Digitization, Hybrid Systems, Energy Storage etc. 
Hosted by Teknopark Izmir and Izmir Institute of Technology, BEST For Wind will be held on November 20-21, 2021, as part of the BEST For Energy Project implemented by Izmir Development Agency (IZKA) in partnership with the Energy Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (ENSIA).
What is Ideathon?
New ideas are the foundation of the innovation. We need new perspectives and ideas to thrive. New idea generation tools and platforms such as ideathons are becoming more common day by day in order to get the ideas of large masses and to combine different knowledge with innovative ideas.
Ideathons are Outdoor Innovation Events held for 1-2 days, where participants come together to produce innovative ideas and applicable solutions in a thematic area. In ideathons, which involve an intense brainstorming and knowledge sharing process, participants work in teams.
In order for the theme to be handled in different dimensions, people with different educational background, experience, age and interests take part in the teams, resulting in more innovative ideas in the ideathons where interdisciplinary work stands out.
Ideathons, where expert mentors intensify sharing of ideas and information by supporting the teams, also have a competition dimension in which the innovative ideas revealed by the teams are awarded by jury voting.
Emphasizing the importance of teamwork in designing and learning together and bearing better results and solutions, the ideathons offer opportunities for learning, collaboration, innovation and change.
BEST For Wind Theme: Wind Energy
Thanks to its land and sea connections, logistics infrastructure, qualified human resources, high quality of life it offers to investors and employees, wind energy potential and existence of important international companies in the sector, Izmir has turned into a production base for wind energy and equipment in its own geography.
Companies clustered in İzmir and its surrounding provinces are able to produce all the main components that make up the wind turbine and export them to various parts of the world.
Electricity generation from wind power, which gains economic value due to technological developments, stands out as the fastest growing renewable energy production method. While electricity generation from wind power will increase rapidly in the upcoming period, the mega trends - predicted to affect the sector - are listed below to guide the participants.
• Offshore Wind Energy
• Large Scale Wind Turbines
• Repowering and Recycle
• Small Scale Wind Turbines 
• Urbanization  
• Smart Grid Technologies 
• Digitalization 
• Hybridization 
• Logistic  
• Energy Storage 
• Minimizing Environmental Impacts
BEST For Wind - Ideathon Calendar:  
September 27, 2021 Application commencement date for participation
November 5, 2021 Deadline for participation applications
8 November 2021 Evaluation of participation applications
9 November 2021 Announcement of the winners
20-21 November 2021 Ideathon Competition
21 November 2021 Award and Certificate Ceremony 

Thematic Speakers

Mahmut GÜLDOĞAN- Ateş Wind Power

Özgür SOYSAL- TPI Composites

Dr. Ömer GÖKSU- Siemens Gamesa



İskender KÖKEY- XGEN Enerji









Ahmet PAKSOY- Nordex Acciona
Doç. Dr. Bergüzar ÖZBAHÇECİ- İYTE
Berkay Aydoğan- TPI Composites
Buğra BARLAS- BEST For Energy
Burak KESAYAK- Gediz Elektrik
Çağdaş AKARSU- Gediz Elektrik
Erman EREK- Ateş Wind Power
Erman KAYA- Vega Enerji
Ersan Özsoy- CS Wind
İskender KÖKEY- XGEN
Mustafa Emre EREN- Gediz Elektrik
Dr. Müfit ALTIN- Siemens Gamesa
Nima PEDRAMASL - TPI Composites
Dr. Ömer Emre ORHAN - Siemens Gamesa 
Serhat KARABAĞ- AERO Rüzgar
Doç. Dr. Ünver ÖZKOL- İYTE
Doç. Dr. Ziya Haktan Karadeniz- İzmir Katip Çelebi Üniversitesi
• Participants must be at least 18 years old. Those under the age of 18 can attend the event with the written permission of their school and family, and under the supervision of their teachers.
• Applications can be made in teams of minimum 3 and maximum 5 persons.
• Individual applications will be accepted and later will be gathered to constitute a team by the organizing committee before the event starts.
• It is obligatory to have male and female participants in each team.
• The application deadline is November 5, 2021.
• The applications will be evaluated by the Organizing Committee and the applicants found eligible will be published on the event website.
• We will act in accordance with the latest circulars published as per the Covid-19 measures.

For Your Questions and Information:

Burak KÖLE
Tel: 0232 502 00 18 (119)
Meleknaz ERASLAN
Tel: 0232 765 90 91

Turaç LAÇİN 

Tel: 0232 203 62 92
Reading Suggestions:
Some of the current reports are given below for the benefit of the participants intending to have a preliminary reading about the general situation and recent updates related to the wind energy. In order to have an efficient Ideathon process, it is recommended that the participants read before the event without being limited to the documents given below.