Experts Experienced in the Field of Clustering Met at the Cluster Excellence Training Certificate Ceremony

Within the BEST For Energy Project, which is a cluster-based sectoral transformation project that aims to develop a competitive cluster in the Clean Energy and Clean Technology sector; certificates were distributed to the participants of the Cluster Excellence Training, which was organized to improve the capacities of the institutions that create, implement or contribute to a clustering policy in İzmir.
Christian Ketels, Ekin Taşkın, Henri Varlet, Inés Sagrario, Mar Cervera, Prof. María Luisa Blázquez and Reza Zadeh took part as trainers in the training program, which included of sectoral clustering policies, value chain analysis, cluster project management, cluster economy, and change management.
Speaking at the Certificate Ceremony, İzmir Development Agency General Secretary Dr. Mehmet YAVUZ stated that as Izmir Development Agency, they have been working in different areas for the Sustainable Development of Izmir for a long time and they have recently carried out these studies by focusing on Green and Blue Growth. He said that The BEST For Energy Project, carried out in partnership with the Energy Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (ENSİA), is a European Union Project in line with clean energy and clean technologies, one of the most important areas they focus on as the Agency, and that İzmir is an important city in the field of clean energy, especially wind energy. He emphasized ‘’ With the BEST For Energy Project, we aim to increase our competitive power by developing a cluster of clean energy and clean technologies in İzmir. Today, when climate change has come to the fore, we believe that we are carrying out this project at the right time and we think that it will make a very important contribution to make İzmir an important center in this field on a global scale.” Yavuz concluded his speech by thanking the European Cluster Excellence Foundation, trainers and training participants who successfully completed the training.
Harvard Business School faculty member Christian KETELS, who was an instructor in the certificate program, stated that working in coordination in regional development is one of the keys to success and emphasized that this work should be done in cooperation with clusters and companies. KETELS mentioned that the training provided is very important for the dissemination of sectoral clustering culture in İzmir. He stated that besides the trust between institutions or companies, it is necessary to focus on the trust between the people in the organization and also emphasized that the strong communication with the companies in the cluster will strengthen the cooperation.
Alper KALAYCI, Chairman of the Energy Industrialists and Businessmen Association, thanked all the trainers, participants and everyone who carried out the training, saying that they got very good results from the training program.
BEST For Energy Project Team Leader Ekin TAŞKIN said that the project focuses on creating a common language for the future within the sectoral clustering policies in İzmir and applying the same methodologies and strategies in the clean energy and clean technologies sector. He stated that this goal was achieved with the Cluster Excellence training carried out.
Reza ZADEH, CEO of the European Cluster Excellence Foundation, said that the results of the practical work carried out by the participants within the training were highly satisfying and stated his happiness in this regard.
IESE Business School faculty member Prof. María Luisa BLÁZQUEZ stated that large companies should focus on the expected benefit and purpose rather than themselves in the competitive process; she said that it is necessary to focus on how to create new business and segment opportunities to change this situation.Emphasizing the importance of trust in the organization; she stated that creating new projects, ideas and opportunities will reveal the potential of all individuals in the organization and accordingly increase the trust and business focus.