Children Will Have Fun And Learn About Clean Energy

BEST For Energy Project aims to create a cluster on Clean Energy and Clean Technologies in İzmir, carried out by İzmir Development Agency in partnership with the Energy Industrialists and Businessmen Association. In this context, the Clean Energy Workshop held to increase children's awareness of clean energy started with the Training of Trainers Program. Clean Energy Workshops, prepared for secondary school students, will be implemented by 40 teachers who have completed the Training of Trainers Program.
On the first day of the Clean Energy Workshops Trainers' Training Program hosted by İzmir Provincial Directorate of National Education on 4-5 November 2021, basic and up-to-date information on climate change and clean energy, wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy and biomass energy was given to the participating teachers by expert trainers. On the second day of the program, hands-on training was given on STEM materials to be used in the Clean Energy Workshop.
The implementation of Clean Energy Workshops, which is aimed at the participation of 1,500 students in the first stage, will start in secondary schools on November 22, 2021. In the workshops to be held in a different school every week, basic information will be given to the students with the contents developed with the support of the Izmir Provincial Directorate of National Education EBA Team on clean energy and  with the clean energy themed STEM Robotics kits, students will be provided with clean energy applications. In Clean Energy Workshops, students' awareness of clean energy will be increased and their skills of innovative thinking, teamwork, creative solutions to problems, planning, evaluation, research and invention will be developed. All students in Turkey can use the contents developed within the Clean Energy Workshops through EBA.
Mehmet YİĞİT, İzmir Provincial Director of National Education, who presented the certificates to the teachers who completed the Training of Trainers Program, stated in his speech that they were very excited to convey the current and important issue such as clean energy to the students by using modern education techniques and materials. Emphasizing the importance of learning by doing, YİĞİT said that the importance of clean energy and the vision of combating climate change will affect hundreds of students, given to each teacher participating in the Training of Trainers Program.
Speaking at the Training of Trainers Program Certificate Ceremony, İzmir Development Agency Investment Support Office Coordinator H.İ. Murat ÇELİK said, “One of the most important needs of the Clean Energy and Clean Technology cluster, which we aim to develop in İzmir with our BEST For Energy Project, is qualified human resources. With Clean Energy Workshops, we are trying to train this human resource from the secondary school age. After the Clean Energy Workshops Training of Trainers program, İzmir Clean Energy Clean Technology cluster also has teachers who will contribute to our climate change struggle by educating students who have clean energy conscious and will want to work in this field.” and he thanked the Izmir Provincial Directorate of National Education EBA Team for their contribution to the preparation of the Clean Energy Workshop content. Stating that they included activities for children and young people while designing the BEST For Energy Project, ÇELİK said that he believed that Clean Energy Workshops would make a significant contribution to the increase in the number of engineers and companies that will contribute to the fight against climate change with the new technologies they developed in the future, and technology entrepreneurs that will provide employment and added value.