Project Ideas To Increase The Competitiveness Of İzmir Clean Energy Sector Were Discussed

Project Ideas To Increase The Competitiveness of İzmir Clean Energy Sector Were Discussed
The 5th Focus Group Meeting was held on June 07, 2021 with the theme of "Clean Energy Projects for İzmir" with the participation of sector companies, academics, Teknopark İzmir, Aviation and Space Clustering Association, TurSEFF, İzmir Development Agency (İZKA), Energy Industrialists & Businessmen Association (ENSİA) and TÜBİTAK.
Brainstorming was held on the priority areas that will increase the competitiveness of the clean energy sector, project ideas,potential stakeholders of the projects and alternative sources for the financement of the projects. Many project ideas on waste management, vocational training, composite materials, new technologies, marketing, university-industry cooperation, innovative initiatives, R&D centers were discussed by the participants.
It was underlined that İzmir Clean Energy Sector should come to the forefront not only with production and services, but also with R&D and innovation. It was emphasized that universities, technoparks, institutes, research centers and laboratories, which constitute the R&D infrastructure of the clean energy ecosystem in İzmir, should be used more effectively.
Project ideas and suggestions obtained in the brainstorming sessions will be evaluated and prioritized according to their contribution to the competitiveness of the İzmir Clean Energy and Clean Technology Sector. Project identification documents will be prepared for all prioritized projects. The content, potential stakeholders and financing options will be defined in the project identification documents. It is aimed to increase the rate of implementation of the projects. It is targeted to prepare project definition documents for 20 project ideas.