The Future Of The Clean Energy Sector Was Discussed

When the Clean Energy (renewable energy) sector is mentioned, companies that produce equipment to establish wind power plants, solar power plants, geothermal power plants, and biomass energy plants come to mind. These companies constitute the production base of the sector. However, service activities covering assembly, maintenance-repair, logistics, finance, insurance, certification, software, and consultancy are also essential for the sector. Both production and service activities must coexist for a sector with competitive power in both national and international markets.
In this direction, the theme of the fourth Focus Group Meeting, which was held within BEST For Energy Project to discuss the problems of the sector and developing solutions, was determined as "Clean Energy and Service Activities."
Representatives of companies providing and receiving services in the clean energy sector and essential non-governmental organizations such as ENSİA, GENSED, Solar3GW, BİOGAZDER attended the meeting held online on May 25, 2021.
Service value chain infrastructure in the clean energy sector, weak areas, service development requirements, and the support to be provided for this purpose; wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass were discussed in separate sessions.
At the meeting, a consensus was reached by all the participants on the following issues.
Supporting new entrepreneurs on resource efficiency
Supporting investments that will increase carbon compliance in companies with grants and incentive programs
Giving priority to R&D studies in the biogas sector
Identifying new investment issues that will ensure sustainability in the solar energy sector
Supporting companies' investments in digitalization
Entending our competitive power in assembly, maintenance and repair services to the international market
Transformation of Çandarlı Port into a specialized port in the wind sector to stand out in offshore wind turbine applications.
Among these, it was stated that Çandarlı Port would provide a significant competitive advantage to İzmir. Large-scale products in the wind energy sector are growing more due to developing technologies. Accordingly, the use of ports in the city for the transportation of these products becomes logistically tricky. In addition, ports that do not have sufficient storage areas cannot provide suitable logistics infrastructure for these products. Çandarlı Port will provide an essential logistics infrastructure service for the sector companies concentrated in the north of İzmir, with both the highway connection and the wide storage area whose planning is ongoing. In addition, Çandarlı Port's function as a transfer, installation, and production port for offshore wind power plants, which is expected to become widespread worldwide, will provide an essential competitive advantage for both the sector and the port itself.