The title of "Academia", one of the strategic target groups of the BEST For Energy Project covers academics and researchers, along with institutional structures such as universities, technoparks, technology transfer offices, R&D and entrepreneurship centers. BEST For Energy project aims to achieve concrete outputs by enhancing communication and cooperation between the "Academia" target group and sector companies.
The services to be provided within the scope of the Project for universities and institutions and organizations carrying out R&D activities related to the Clean Energy Sector are listed below.
National and International Events
A large number of national and international events, including focus group meetings, thematic meetings, workshops and international conferences, are organized within the scope of the BEST For Energy Project. The event attendants will have the opportunity to create necessary communication networks for the emergence of new project ideas and establishment of R&D partnerships.
BEST For Energy Project aims to develop 20 project ideas that will increase the competitiveness of the Clean Energy and Clean Technology Sector. Taking into account the analysis studies and the outputs of the focus group meetings, 20 project introductory documents are created that prioritize university-industry collaborations.
Information and Network Portal
Not Started Yet
It is a portal designed to enhance cooperation in the Clean Energy and Clean Technology sector and to facilitate access in up-to-date data. Parties that are members of CLEANGATE will have the opportunity to establish R&D collaborations with companies, universities, experts and corporate stakeholders and to follow industry trends by accessing in up-to-date data, information and reports.
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